Winner of GAB Jam

Reference :
Fresh Start
 lets you perform a clean reinstallation and update of Windows while keeping your personal data and most Windows settings intact. read more here.


This PC with a new operating system called Lindows also needs reinstallation, so it can finally run something on it again.

Lindo the Installer is here to do that, he will uninstall and install all the software on this PC. Good Luck.

, the browser version is just a prototype, for full experience download the windows version (it has more level and more appealing assets :D )

Bug Note : 
- In level "Install Painot", player will automatically slide to the left after connecting the blue line and player will hit by the electro (red dot in game representation).

If you experience another bug, let us know!

Credits :
Main Menu GUI -  Wenrex
SFX  - mikiz
BGM - VOiD1Gaming

Install instructions

Extract the file, open the folder, and run the .exe file inside it


LindowsBuildWindows.rar 29 MB


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Great concept and gameplay. The mc design is cute, but the surrounding should be added some details. And I think there should be more than just 2 lives, so players don't easily get frustrated because they keep dying. Anyway, great work :D

Thanks for playing and the feedback, clstyn!
Yeah, we will consider that for the next update. Cheers!:D


Awesome Concept!! Great Take on personifying an installer....The Mechanics seem well polished and the puzzles are quite unique....You could improve upon this Idea further by adding in some witty lines and some UI tweaks and it'd be a great game for a Full release!! Great Work....

Yeah, we were planning on that but didn't have enough time for now,
Thanks for playing and for the music :)

Always happy to help😇